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How to Reduce Attention Seeking Behaviour

Whining, crying and other attention seeking behaviour is what kids resort to when they feel they don’t have your full attention... like when you are on the phone, have friends over or are cooking dinner. Come learn how to identify ‘attention-seeking behaviour and learn what you can do preventatively to avoid it. Your life will be much more stress- free afterwards!

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Learn how to effectively communicate with your kids to get them to communicate with you. Our kids follow our lead and if we are unable to communicate our desires & expectations to them, they will not be able to communicate their wants & needs back to us. Communication can easily breakdown, yet if you learn how to effectively communicate, you will be able to get your children to reciprocate with you. During this series you will also get valuable feedback as you implement these strategies into your parenting repertoire.

Siblings Without Rivalry

Expecting your second child and want to know what you can do avoid (or minimize) sibling rivalry? Or are you already dealing with it? Come learn some good tips and tricks to help you ease the transition for your kids or reducing the fighting that you may be already living with.

You Can’t Make Me – Dealing With Power Struggles

Are you being challenged by your young one – especially when you need them to do something (go to sleep, eat or get ready to leave the house)? Come for an intensive workshop that will leave you feeling empowered as to how to handle these power-struggling situations.

Positive Discipline

This empowering parenting series teaches you tools to be the parent you want to be so that interactions with your kids are positive. When we lack essential tools in our parenting tool kit, we tend to resort to yelling, spanking and other behaviours that often leave both parent and child feeling unhappy. With this series you will get a chance to try our tools and get valuable feedback so that parenting can be a joyful experience.