zen beginnings

Mom & Baby Classes

New Mama Group (for Babies <6mths)

Welcome to mommyhood! Our mom & baby classes are designed to help ease you into this new stage of life and to help you meet and connect with other new mamas in the neighborhood. We meet once a week for 6 weeks to discuss developmental milestones as well as all the other things associated with new “mommyhood”. Topics covered include: post-partum recovery, the ins and outs of baby’s day, including: feeding, bathing, soothing, sleeping, teething & infant nutrition. Relationships & how YOU change. In each class you will have a chance to share your stories and any challenges you may be having, or offer help and support to the other moms who might need to hear a few new ideas on how to handle some of the challenges they are encountering.

Zen Mama Group (for Babies >6mths)

The conversation continues around topics that are relevant after baby is 6 months old, such as: developmental milestones to look out for, getting your body back to balance (weight loss, planning for another child?), your career & how having a baby may affect it, and who you are now (mom, woman, wife etc.

Experienced Mama Group

This class is for moms who are on to baby number two. Life with two+ kids brings about new and different challenges than life with one. Each week we will discuss topics such as: meal planning, parenting challenges (including: dealing with Tantrums, Attention Seeking Behaviour and Sibling Rivalry) all while attempting to achieve balance with a newly expanded family.